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Do You Need a Foundation Repair?

Stand on Stable Ground  

Sometimes, the ground or foundation you are standing on would weaken. It can be because of age or usage, but whatever the reason may be, you should definitely not wait around to get it repaired. You would end up dealing with more problems if you do. Here are some of the obvious signs that you need a foundation repair, and fast:

Cracks on interior and exterior walls

This is probably one of the few things that you would often pass off as just a wall problem. If the cracks are diagonal or if your walls seem to be pulling out or away from your house, you definitely need repairs done on your foundation. Walls often stay stable and strong but their structure would mainly depend on the beams or frames that are inside them. When your foundation is weakened or damaged, the frames of your home would bend because of the instability of the ground they are latching on to.

Uneven floors and loose doors

This is also a very obvious sign that you would probably pass off as something that is not that serious. When your floors pop out or crack, it means the ground they are on is warping or changing into something else. This is a sign of a weakenedfoundation. You can make sure of it by also checking your doors. If your doors no longer open or close as smoothly as before, or do not even fit the square or rectangular frame it is on, this is a sign of trouble.

These are just some of the signs that you would be able to see and notice when your foundation is weakened. For a better assessment and inspection, hire Dwayne James General Contracting. We would be able to give you the right foundation repair service you are looking for in Earlville, NY and help you figure out what caused the problem in the first place. You may contact us at (315) 203-1957 for inquiries.

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