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Foundation Maintenance Tips Your Foundation Contractor Can Help You With

Sturdy Foundation!

Extreme weather and soil type are two of the most frequent causes of cracked foundations and concrete. Extreme weather may have a range of effects on your concrete depending on the type of soil you have. A lack of moisture can cause the foundation to sink further into the earth, but an abundance of water can help the soil expand and raise your home’s structure. Thankfully, with the aid of a foundation contractor, regular maintenance can keep your foundation strong and in good shape. Here are a few tips:

Keep Shrubs Properly Trimmed

If it is placed close to the foundation of your home, be sure that any shrubs or other vegetation you have planted remain modest and low, ideally no taller than 3 feet. Since tall plants require a lot of water to thrive, keeping that much water so close to the foundation might potentially be harmful. Plant shrubs and bushes about 3 feet away from the structure and keep them trimmed to safeguard home foundations.

Keep Moisture Level Consistent

Your foundation must be kept at a steady moisture level since a damp or dry foundation might become weak or damaged. If you are somewhere where the summers are especially dry, using hoses or soakers to wet the foundation is an excellent idea. If you live somewhere that is humid (or has a rainy season), make sure the dirt is sloped so that water will drain away from the foundation. Don’t forget to inspect your downspouts as well! If water builds up after a lot of rain, it’s a problem.

Test for Water Leaks

Many residential amenities, such as sprinkler systems and swimming pools, may need subterranean water. Leaks from these systems may cause foundations to get moist, which might result in additional damage. To prevent this, a plumber (or other expert) should be recruited to examine these subterranean systems about every two years. Before the damage becomes too bad and requires a more expensive repair, these experts can locate and remedy leaks. You might also attempt a self-leak check.

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