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Interesting Things to Know About House Jacking

Move Big Stuff

House jacking activities are not only used to service a home but are also a great option when needing to move homes, especially when construction is taking place or the home has simply fallen into disrepair. Having a house jack moved can cost from $150 to $600 based on the size of the house, the difficulty of the job, and the distance traveled, but it is definitely worth it. Here are more facts you need to learn about the service, so you will be encouraged to contact a provider:


The cost of a house jack is based on the size of the home being moved, the difficulty of the job, and the distance traveled. Rates will range depending on the size of the home and the distance traveled, however, the average cost is between $150 and $600. This is much better than doing things yourself. You will never be forced to buy your own resources.


In order to lift a house, many contractors will use a house jack, however, they will also use a winch and chains. This equipment is used to lift a house and is often attached to the front of a truck to help move the home. The jack will be used to raise the house, and the chains will be used to pull the house off the jack and onto the truck bed.

Moving a Home

If the home is too big to be moved using a truck, or the home is in such bad shape or in a dangerous location that it is best to leave it where it is, then the home jack is used to remove the home from its foundation.

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