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Several Benefits of House Jacking Services

Lift It to Change It  

Your house may be stuck to the ground, but know that it can still be lifted when problems occur. This is the reason house jacking is necessary. There are benefits to doing this, especially if you wish to implement some structural changes for your house. You only need to contact a company that offers reliable house lifting services. This way, you won’t have to worry about anything in the process or even after it.

Foundation Repair

Foundation or basement problems are difficult to deal with if you can’t see the issue. This is one of the reasons houses are lifted; so you would know what you are dealing with and how to properly solve it. It is a safe process since professionals will handle the job.


If there is a need to install pipes or fix your plumbing system, it might be imperative to lift your house. Doing so allows the plumbers to repair the pipes and other parts of the system properly. You also get to install other materials to ensure the improvement of your residential plumbing.


Renovating a house is not an easy project since it requires lifting your house sometimes, especially if the foundation needs to be fixed or changed. Well, jacking your house is the solution here. You don’t need to worry since experts take care of everything.

Additional Room or Basement

Need a basement? That’s possible. Regardless of how attached your house is to the ground, it can still be lifted as long as you contact the right professionals. With home jacking services, the operation will be smooth and you will surely get a safe and satisfying result.

For quality house jacking, Dwayne James General Contracting is the one you need to hire. We lift houses in Earlville, NY. Give us a call at (315) 203-1957 for more information.

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