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Signs That You Need a House Jacking Job

You May Need to Raise Your House at Some Point

House jacking, a technique used to lift a house from its foundation for repairs or adjustments, becomes necessary when structural issues threaten a home’s stability. Several signs might indicate the need for such a procedure, which demands professional attention to maintain a structurally sound residence.

Foundation Compromise: Indicators of Structural Weakness

When cracks start appearing in the foundation, walls, or ceiling, it could be a warning sign of potential foundation problems. Sagging floors, doors or windows that stick, or visible gaps where walls meet the ceiling might signify that your home’s foundation is shifting or weakening. A qualified professional can assess these structural changes and determine if house raising is necessary to rectify the problem.

Uneven Foundation and Structural Instability

If you notice that your floors aren’t level or are sagging, it’s a clear indication of an uneven foundation. Over time, the soil beneath a house may shift, causing parts of the foundation to sink or rise, resulting in structural instability. The process of house raising, performed by specialists, involves supporting the house and using hydraulic jacks to lift it to its original position, enabling the repair of the foundation and floors.

Doors and Windows Misalignments: Visible Signs of House Settling

Doors or windows that suddenly seem misaligned could indicate that your house is settling unevenly. Uneven settling can lead to structural issues that might require intervention. House raising can correct these problems, ensuring the house’s stability and reducing the risk of further structural damage or long-term issues.

Signs of structural issues in a house, such as foundation cracks, uneven floors, or doors and windows misalignments, should prompt homeowners to seek professional help. House raising, performed by experienced specialists, can rectify these structural issues, ensuring the long-term stability of the home and preventing potential hazards. Always consult with an expert to determine if this procedure is necessary for your house’s structural integrity.

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