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Strong House Foundations

House Foundation Construction Tips

House foundation construction is built to last forever, so it only makes sense to pay close attention to the details to make sure that it remains dry and crack-free for as long as possible.

What is the Purpose of a Foundation?

A properly laid foundation does so much more than just carrying a house. Building foundations will also keep moisture out, insulate against the cold, and resist movement or shifting of the soil around it.

What Makes a Good Building Foundation?

Good often means steel-reinforced foundation walls and footings that are made of poured concrete. In comparison, all the laboriously assembled foundations that use either brick, stone, or mortar that support buildings for centuries, even the walls of concrete block that builders used to use, are all crack- and leak-prone relics.

How Are Building Foundations Built?

Building a good foundation means more than just digging a hole and pouring in some concrete. It has to be tailor-made to the site, very much like a custom suit, and, take into account all the soil conditions, water tables, and even the quality of the backfill used.

As with a custom suit, every last detail has to be perfect, from the base being properly compacted, the formwork set right, the concrete must be void-free, etc. Neglect just one of these, and even the most carefully poured foundation will fail.

Foundation Facts

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