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Residential Jacking Fails You Don’t Want to Happen

Residential jacking is a process used to make sure the foundation of a home or building is supported properly. Without it, the structure can become unstable and weaken over time. Unfortunately, if done improperly, residential jacking can cause some costly and even dangerous fails that homeowners want to avoid. Here are just a few examples of what can happen when house jacking fails and how to prevent them from happening.

Failing Supporting Beams:

If the jacks are not placed in the proper places, they can cause too much pressure on certain parts of the foundation, such as supporting beams. This can lead to cracking or crumbling of the beam which can result in further damage to your home. To avoid this problem, have a professional come in to inspect the jacking process and ensure that the jacks are placed where they need to be.

Uneven Floors:

If not done properly, residential jacking can lead to uneven floors. This can create safety hazards and may even make it difficult for you to move furniture or appliances around your home. To avoid this, make sure the jacks are set up correctly and that you have a professional inspect them before the job is complete.

Poor Drainage:

If your home has poor drainage or a lack of proper sloping, it can cause problems with residential jacking. The jacks need to be placed in areas where water can flow away from the foundation and not collect around the jacks. To prevent this, hire a professional to inspect your drainage system and make sure everything is functioning properly.

Structural Damage:

A poorly done residential jacking job can cause structural damage or weakening of the foundation. This could lead to major problems down the road, including cracks in the walls or even a major collapse of the foundation. To avoid this, make sure you hire a professional to inspect the jacking job before you move forward with it.

These are just a few examples of what can happen when residential jacking fails and how to prevent them from happening. Talk to Dwayne James General Contracting based in Earlville, NY if you want top-notch house jacking. Here’s the number: (315) 203-1957

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