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Tips on How to Prevent Home Foundation Repair

Foundation Maintenance Tips  

Everyone looks forward to the hot summer months, however, they are not as good as you think they are, as they cause the highest amount of slab foundation movement. This results in cracks, in addition to interior damage such as cracked walls, brick, or tiling. Foundation movement will also affect plumbing, by putting more stress on pipes, which will lead to cracks and leaks. The likes of doors and windows will start to stick or not close properly. These tips are a good first step to prevent expensive home foundation repair.

Foundation maintenance is mainly about maintaining even moisture levels around the building or home foundations. The easiest DIY foundation maintenance tip is a watering program. More advanced projects will ensure proper drainage, however, when needed, place root barriers between any trees and your foundation.

Soil acts like a sponge and expands as they start to absorb water, and contracts as they lose water. This is what causes foundations to crack. Soils dry out during the hot summer months and expand during the winter and spring. Keeping the moisture levels on an even level through the year is what foundation maintenance is about.

Installing a root barrier between your trees and foundations will keep the roots from extracting the moisture from around and under your foundations. Installation is more difficult than installing soaker hoses, as you will need to dig a trench, lay the barrier material, and then refill the trench. Root barriers must be at least 3 feet deep, going as least one foot deeper than your foundations. Preventing pooling water under and around your foundations is highly recommend for homeowners that are DIY pros.

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