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What Are the 2 Most Popular House Foundation Construction Methods?

Looking for a Foundation That Is Both Durable and Versatile?  

Which house foundation construction should your new home plan have? Every great floor plan will begin with a good foundation, so make sure to build yours on the best option for your conditions!

Slab – The Most Popular Foundation Type

Approximately half of all new homes that are built in the U.S. today are built on slab foundations. This is because this is by far the most cost-effective choice, and consumers favor this budget-friendly option. It is quick and easy, as far as foundations go, it can often be poured directly on the ground or over a bed of gravel. Your builder will need to do some excavating beforehand to create a surface that is useable.

A slab foundation is an excellent choice in warm and dry climates, where frost depth is not an issue. They also work in areas where the water table keeps basements from being feasible. However, it will not be a viable choice when building on a sloped lot, that is when a crawlspace or basement is your best bet, depending on your conditions.

Crawlspace – The Best of Both Worlds

A crawlspace will combine both basement and slab foundations. This is a fairly inexpensive design that helps those who want to remain conscious of their budget. Meanwhile, the 2-3 feet of space will also provide the homeowner with more space to perform any repairs to mechanical and plumbing fixtures. This helps save time and money on repairs.

A crawlspace is also a good option for homeowners that want to build on a sloped lot. Footings are made to create a level base on to build a home on. Crawlspaces are also popular in flood zone areas, as the space between the ground and first floor will act like a barrier that protects the interior against flooding.

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