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What You Get Out of a House Jacking Service

Lift It for Many Reasons  

Do you want to renovate your house? Add a basement? Or repair the foundation? Those can all be done with the help of a house jacking service. A contractor needs to be hired for this project since this cannot be realized without professional experience and resources. Besides, many people have tried this service, and they were satisfied with the results so far. Consider this solution, and you will definitely get some fantastic and satisfying benefits. This service has wide applications, so you must take your time and give it a try.


When you renovate your house, especially if it involves the foundation, the whole structure needs to be properly jacked. This allows you to reconstruct some parts without damaging your home. This is the main reason you need to hire professionals; they have the equipment and they know what to do.

Basement Addition

If you wish to have a basement, it can be done. The house only needs to be jacked, so the basement can be constructed without destroying the entire property. This is important because there are people who don’t know that this service exists.

Foundation Repair

Fixing the foundation of your house is absolutely difficult if your house is not modular. But if it isn’t house jacking professionals can find a way to lift some parts and fix your foundation with ease. With their assistance, you get to maintain the sturdiness of your property.


If you own a modular house, it would be easy to move it to another location. Should you have plans, you need to call professionals to jack your entire house. They have the best equipment and manpower to get it done fast. Your entire house will surely be moved in a safe and clean manner.

For quality house jacking, Dwayne James General Contracting is the company you should hire. We lift houses for renovations or repair in Earlville, NY. Dial (315) 203-1957 for more information.

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